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June 23, 2010


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Mary Rose

obese means, an excess of what should be the right weight of your body based on your height and age. And to stop or to prevent become an obese, you need to be very extra careful of all the foods that you intake. You need to count all the calories that you intake, what kind of workout you need to do to burn that calories intake and everything. One good advice, listen to your best buddy, to your Personal Trainer.


Yes, watching calories taken in and calories expended through exercise is very important. It's also important not to under eat or over exercise, which can cause problems in and of themselves. And your comment about height and weight...the two primary factors for the Body Mass Index, is relevant. The BMI is a good indicator of healthy weight for people other than bodybuilders, power-lifters, and other various athletes, who often show up in the obese category.

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